About Shon Eilian Ironworks

Shon Eilian Ironworks - signageShon Eilian Ironworks was established in 1997 by Shon Eilian Jones. The business quickly expanded and since then has moved to larger premises on the Cibyn Industrial Estate in Caernarfon, North Wales.

The new premises are large enough to accommodate major projects and structural sections. The workshop is fully equipped and has the flexibility to design and fabricate small and large scale structures.

The company employs coded welders (DNV to EN287-288 on aluminium, stainless steel and carbon steel). Our staff take great pride in ensuring quality service and producing well crafted products that stand the test of time.

We apply specialist solutions from fabrication to installation. We aim to please our customers by completing the work to its highest possible standard. Our competitive rates, speed of work and attention to detail ensure that our customers come back. We supply the right product and services at great value for money. That's why all of our customers have used us for many years.

We take health and safety very seriously at our own premises as well as those of our customers. We are fully compliant with all relevant health and safety legislation and guidelines. For work involving installation, health and safety risks are clearly identified. Work is planned to minimise those risks and where risk cannot be avoided then all appropriate safeguards and precautions are taken. Our employees are appropriately health and safety qualified and receive regular training in this important area. All employees are trained in safe working practices and in operations of safe and responsible use of all machinery.

Our proud history of over 10 years includes working with customers such as: